The Case for New Type

For anyone who’s been following our series of interviews, it’s already clear that I’m on a type kick these days. Well yesterday, I took the show on the road, with my first article for CBCnet, “a creative portal site which gathers information of Art and Design from various fields”, and one of the most read Japanese-language design sites. I’ll be writing an article a month for CBCnet, including a few interviews, a thing or two about bilingual web design, and maybe a thing or two about type.

This first article, “The Case for New Type”, is a friendly call to Japanese designers to explore typefaces by today’s type designers. It briefly covers the stylistic and technical changes in the state of the art and introduces a handful of great typefaces I’ve yet to see in use here in Tokyo.

Thanks to CBCnet for letting me crash for a little while, Yosuke and Eiko for help with the translation, and the type designers for giving me a peek into how they do what they do.

September 10, 2007