Event wrapup: Adam Greenfield’s “Becoming Real”

On October 29th, we held our very first event, “AQ Presents Adam Greenfield: Becoming Real – The Art of Making Things Happen.

“Becoming Real” by Adam Greenfield Part 1 on Vimeo. Visit our channel to see the rest.x

Adam presented a balanced and hopeful outlook on the great challenge that everyone who has an idea faces: how to see their vision through to something the rest of the world can actually see, touch, experience, enjoy, and use.

After a critical, yet sympathetic look at historical case studies, including his own, Adam highlighted a few current leaders who are getting out of “project” and into “object” often, and with great social impact. He concluded with a review of five strategies to get to “object”, their associated strengths and risks, and a slight tip of the hand towards the one in which he sees the most promise.

We had a lively question and answer session after the talk, and wrapped up around 22:00. For those that asked (or were wondering!), this is what our menu looked like:

  • Hitachino Nest Beer
  • Vegetarian curry plate from Yoyo.san at Vacant: South Indian Curry + brown rice with coconut, papadum (Indian crispy crackers), and eggplant pakora (Indian fritters)

Adam had been working out of AQ’s offices for about a month when a lunchtime discussion of Bruno Latour sparked the idea for this talk. With just a few weeks left before Adam’s departure, with half the team on leave in between, the organization was a frantic endeavor. But with some light-footed decision making anchored in a Google spreadsheet, momentum stayed on our side. We’re very happy with how it turned out, and can’t wait to get started on the next one.

See you next time!

November 14, 2010