AQ is opening an office in Paris

Since starting AQ in 2004, the most common question we get from clients, partners and peers has always been “Why Tokyo?”

Why indeed? It’s a good question.

We usually answer the easy part first – Tokyo is one of the most exciting, livable cities in the world, period. We also like to eat, and the sushi’s great.

The more subtle part comes next – the daily interactions we enjoy with purposeful, driven individuals trying to make their city a great place to live, the beautifully designed objects, and the many challenges to our worldview, responsible for so much of our growth as a studio.

Over our ten years creating digital products and services from our studio in Tokyo, AQ has built an approach to our work from equal parts curiosity, respect and experimentation, which has served dozens of organizations and millions of people around the world.

As we enter our second decade, recent travels have made us hungry to spread this approach anew by extending our practice to Paris, one of the most dynamic digital economies in Europe.

Now you might be thinking, “Why Paris?”

Well let’s start with the easy part: Paris too is one of the most vibrant, livable cities in the world. We also like to drink, and, well, wine over lunch.

Now for the more subtle part. Our trips to Paris have revealed a community with the same qualities that inspire our work – a deep respect for craftsmanship, a continuous reconsideration of what came before, and the ambition to set new standards - but with an entirely different rhythm which we can’t wait to pick up.

As such, I’m incredibly proud and excited to announce that Paul and Tomomi will move to Paris this summer to found AQ’s Paris studio and expand our family of European partners.

They will work from Le Laptop, a beautiful coworking space headed by Pauline Thomas and known for the quality of its resident designers.

We will spend the next twelve months leading local projects, spreading the word about our team and meeting the many people that work to make Paris, and more broadly Europe a great place to live, with the help of the tireless Thibaut Thomas and many other kind and welcoming Parisians.

If you’re in France, we’re looking forward to meeting you and talking about how we could help take your product to the next level. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Tokyo friends, drop by to say goodbye! We’ll be having a food & beverage get-together on Saturday 28th June from 2~7PM at our office, and we’d love to catch up. RSVP on our Facebook event page.

June 16, 2014