We help you build
imaginative products and services from a deep understanding of people and culture.

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User Research

We conduct qualitative research to help you understand how users respond to your product.

Rapid Prototyping

Starting from your hypothesis, we create low-fidelity proto­types, test them with users, and uncover the right product to build.

Team Mentoring

We guide your team through design decisions, matching speed and deliver­ables to how you're already working.

Design sprints

We work with you to sketch, prototype and validate a product idea or service that drives your business forward.

Design & Development

Starting from your big idea, we create a beautiful app or web service you can bring to market, or if you prefer, code-ready designs.

Expert Reviews

We identify and priorit­ize issues in design, usability and copywrit­ing, then deliver an action plan for how to resolve them.


A photo of the moodstone prototype. The object is made from smooth dark wood, with embedded metal strips to capture interaction.

UX Research

Photograph of an AQ researcher interviewing a jobseeker at their home

Learning from thriving users

We gathered key insights about the Japanese job search experience from dozens of home and office interviews, informing the product strategy and business case.

Design, strategy & development

Screenshots of the ASICS running application for PC and mobile

Tools for runners as powerful as our shoes

AQ helped ASICS to design and grow their flagship digital product over six years: a set of tools that millions of runners used to achieve performance goals.

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Product design & development

Screenshots of the Abeja design system guidelines

Scaling design impact at startup speed

We built a design system that services multiple products, helping designers and engineers meet the growing demands of this Japanese AI powerhouse.

Design consulting

An illustration of variable spacing between characters in Japanese text, decorated to look like bamboo

Designing for a growing Japanese userbase

Medium redefined online writing with careful typography and UI design. We helped their design team translate this experience for the Japanese language.

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An illustration of variable spacing between characters in Japanese text, decorated to look like bamboo