We occasionally organize and speak at meetups and conferences to share insights on designing digital products.

Events history


Service Design Conference Europe

Tomomi gave a talk in London on "Innovation by Design for the OECD" with Milan Guenther.

Digital Typography Beyond Borders

We organized an event, looking at the past, recent developments and future of typography.



Tomomi gave a talk in Vienna on "Creating sustainable global impact in international development organisations" with Angela Hanson from the OECD.


Design Thinking Tallinn

Tomomi gave a keynote talk on "The Human Experience of Facilitating Co-design and Dialog".

Agile Tampere

Tomomi gave a talk called "Work from Anywhere. Work Anytime" with Andrea Darabos on how teams can create more focus and flow.


Intro to Research Operations

Tomomi organized a 2hr workshop about Research Operations for Design Research Tokyo.

Learning as a social practice

Tomomi gave a talk about ideas to increase our range for growth.

IxDA Interaction 20

Tomomi gave a talk about the journey of the Researcher Skills Framework project with Dave Hora.


Google Design Sprint Conference

Tomomi ran a deep dive session with collaborator Milan Guenther about scaling enterprise impact with the design sprint methodology.

Design Research Tokyo #2

Tomomi organized this event and also gave a talk about building research capabilities in organizations.

"Scaling CX: A Story About Building Bridges Together" at Intersection 2019

Tomomi delivered a case study talk about a customer experience initative for Eurotunnel, the Channel operator between Britain and Europe, with collaborator Mael Inizan.

World Information Architecture Day 2019

Tomomi took participants through an introductory workshop about design sprints.

Google Design Sprint Conference - Paris Chapter

Tomomi gave a talk about how to orchestrate multiple design sprints.


Google Design Sprint Conference

Tomomi shared her experiences with design sprints across cultures and languages.

Google Design Sprint Conference

At Innovation, Business Change and Transformation Conference Europe 2018

Tomomi talked about how interaction designers can use design sprints to ignite change in organizations, with collaborator Milan Guenther.


"Design to Ignite — Design sprints for transformation at scale" at Interaction 2018

Tomomi talked about how interaction designers can use design sprints to ignite change in organizations, with collaborator Milan Guenther.

Interaction 2018

"Design to Ignite — Design sprints for transformation at scale" at IxDA Oslo

Tomomi talked about how interaction designers can use design sprints to ignite change in organizations, with collaborator Milan Guenther.

IxDA Oslo

Intercultural Innovation Meetup

Tomomi talked about her journey of working across cultures, and the role that intercultural exchange plays in innovation.

Intercultural Innovation Meetup

Design Sprints at Scale at Lean Kanban France

Lean Kanban France

User Experience Research at Ride the Lightning

Eiko spoke about how to make the most of user experience research findings.

Ride the Lightning

Design Sprints at Scale at UX Paris & IxDA Paris

Tomomi talked about how design sprints can be utilized to tackle challenges in different contexts.

UX Paris & IxDA Paris

Designing Deliverables @ UX Talk Tokyo

Ryan shared tips on how to design deliverables that will proliferate within the client's organization.

UX Talk Tokyo

Interactive prototypes at Osaka Web designers & developers meetup

Mathieu showed real world examples of how to build interactive prototypes with Principle.

Osaka Web designers & developers meetup

A Short History of Personal Communication at SPAN Tokyo by Google

Eiko explored how medium influences what we say to one another and how we express it, drawing a line from letter writing through fax machines to Snapchat.

SPAN Tokyo hosted by Google

A Language of Haptics at Temple University

Chris investigated the challenges of designing haptic feedback into technology products, and the unique importance of touch to physical and mental health.

Supplement: Tokyo at Temple University

UI Copy at Ride the Lightning

Eiko shared some pointers about how to write and test UI copy, including a few special considerations for Japanese copy.

Ride the Lightning

Learning from your Users at Intrepreneurship 2016

Tomomi showed how qualitative research can create powerful stories and drive decisions within organizations.

Intrepreneurship 2016

CSS Animations and Transitions at CSS Kyoto

Mathieu led a workshop on CSS animations – why they are useful and how to design them at Cowaki in Kyoto

Three Curveballs for the new year at UX Jam

Tomomi shared her thoughts on distributed, multilingual collaboration, design sprints, and facilitation

UX Jam

Contextual Inquiry research at UX Talks Tokyo

Chris Palmieri gave an introduction to the contextual inquiry interview method, along with some tips on how to conduct home visits in Japan.

UX Talks Tokyo

Creating modern layouts with Flexbox

Mathieu led a workshop on designing website layouts with Flexbox at Cowaki in Kyoto.

Anatomy of a Workshop at Laptop

Tomomi gave a talk about how to design, prepare for and facilitate workshops at Laptop, AQ's shared studio in Paris.


Data Analysis at Ride the Lightning

Marion reflected on a data analysis experiment she ran on AQ's Slack channel, how she got started and what we learned.

Ride the Lightning

From hand to screen: cross disciplinary design and connected objects at DDays

Chris joined Elodie Bongrain (FaberNovel) and Matthieu Savary (User Studio) in a roundtable discussion of interaction design in the age of connected objects.

Report & Video (EN & FR)

Critical Studio 2013-2014 : City Tales : Workshop at Shibaura House

Chris and Hi co-founder Craig Mod gave a talk and workshop on the power of digital publishing tools to drive conversations about the city, how we shape it and use it.


Hi launch event at Designer Fund

Chris and Hi co-founder Craig Mod shared the inspiration and design process behind Hi at Designer Fund in San Francisco.

Designer Fund website

Echelon 2013

Chris joined entrepreneurs from San Francisco to Singapore in a panel discussion on product development for startups.


Onlab [DATA] Conference

Qualitative Data and UX Design: Chris gave an overview of common qualitative research methods used by user experience designers to drive product decisions.

SwapSkills Doubbble #05 - One Web

Tomomi gave a 40 minute presentation about content strategy to a 200+ audience of digital practitioners.

UXcamp Europe 2012

Paul and Tomomi participated in the third annual European Barcamp for UX design, held in Berlin. We organized a session about the first run experience while soaking in the experience of an enormous two day UX event.

MuseumNext 2012

Paul and Tomomi traveled to Barcelona for ’Europe’s big conference on the digital side of museums’, where we talked about the museum coupon app MuPon, designed by AQ.

UX workshop for in-house training program

Chris, Tomomi, and Paul conducted a hands-on 3hr workshop designed to help startups improve the first run experience of their products.


nikkeiBP conference “Smartphone & Tablet 2011 Winter”

Chris gave a 1hr talk about the first run experiences for smartphone apps, and how to prioritize features when making the jump from web apps to smartphone apps.

The New Context Conference 2011 Fall

Chris joined a panel session in this two day conference to share insight on being Lean for design, development, and team building.

PechaKucha Night Tokyo #83

Tomomi took the stage with Tokyo Art Beat to give Tokyo’s creative community a status update on the art scene after the triple disasters.

PARTYstream for JAPAN

Tomomi gave a 20 minute presentation with Tokyo Art Beat on the role of art in Japan, post 311.

SimpleHonestTalks with AQ Tokyo

Chris and Ryan brought a taste of Tokyo to Chicago’s Post Family community, with a talk on design and digital communication for arts and culture.

AQ event: Presenting Design

We organized a game-like workshop with some of our friends for a fun evening working out our presentation muscles.