Marathon Navigator

An app to support the emotional and logistical needs of runners during Marathon races.

After several years supporting runners’ total training regimen via the My ASICS web and mobile apps, we decided to zoom in on the experience just before, during and immediately after a major race, to support both the emotional and logistical needs of runners at this special milestone.

Marathon Apps

The first thing runners see after launching the app is images of iconic landmarks along the course, driving home the awesome reality of what they will soon experience. They are DOING this.

As their training continues, runners investigate the course in finer detail, via a map of the water, first aid and cheering stations, along with 15 course-specific performance tips.

Just before the race, runners set their target time and broadcast it to friends and family. They also use the app to keep track of all the gear they need to pack for the big day.

During the race, the app records their precise route, time, distance and split time at each kilometer. The runner can glance down at how closely they’re meeting their target time, via large-display pace feedback.

After the race, they can sync their performance data to My ASICS and share their results with family and friends, while transitioning into a post-race recovery plan, complete with training and nutrition tips.

Kobe Marathon