February 21st, 2012

The Importance of Logos for New Businesses

When asked “are logos really that important?”, maybe we can answer…

From time to time, AQ has an opportunity to design the logo of some of the web services we build. In recent years however, we’ve noticed that the importance of getting brand identity right, once a given, is starting to be called into question, especially by fast-moving, tech-driven entrepreneurs.

When asked “are logos really that important?”, maybe we can answer “logos are the name cards of your product”. If someone says “Apple” or “Starbucks”, their logo floats naturally to front of mind, locking the brand’s image to the reality of who they are, what they do, and what they stand for as organizations. In this sense, logos are not only an important as public relations device, and a team-building device.

Recently, I was asked to design the logo and business card of a newly minted theater group called Theater Colony. The group was still preparing to launch their first performance, and reaching out to potential performers, venues and other partners, with little more than a name and a vision. For them, the logo was an opportunity to capture this shared vision, and even their interpretation of an ambiguous brand name, in a visual form that can be conveyed accurately to others at any time.

As with many design exercises, meaningful participation in key decisions by stakeholders is key to making sure that this happens. For Theater Colony, I knew I had the right solution, only once I presented the final logo to the three co-founders, and saw them nod in unison. Though they might not use the same words to describe why it was right, they all knew where it came from and why.

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