December 26th, 2011

We’re looking for an interface designer to join AQ.

Inquire within.

What you’ll do

At AQ, you will help people find meaning, utility and joy in our websites and applications. People will love and remember the things you make because they helped them discover something new in the world around them or accomplish something they never thought possible.

All about You

  • You’re equally comfortable defining what something looks like, how it behaves, and what it can do for people.
  • Your design process starts with hunches, but thrives on real world feedback. You observe user behavior and translate it into the next round of design.
  • Your work speaks for itself, but you love explaining it to anyone who will listen.
  • You have at least two years professional experience designing interfaces OR have invented and launched your own web service/tool/app.
  • You have a set of design tools with which you can efficiently perform daily acts of beauty, but are open to learning new ones as well.
  • You know your way around HTML, CSS, and maybe even know enough PHP, Ruby or Javascript to bring your idea to life.
  • You’re a native speaker of either Japanese or English, and can communicate in the other.

The Position

  • We start with an initial three month full-time contract, after which you’ll become eligible for full-time employment.
  • Salary will be determined based on your skill and experience.
  • All the magic happens at our sunny office in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo (accessible via Omotesando and Roppongi stations).

Working at AQ

  • We set the course together. Everyone has a say on what ideas to investigate, which projects to take on, and who we work with.
  • We work together. We don’t have many meetings, but we do a lot of designing, writing and building together, usually in groups of two or three.
  • We like to share. The book we’re reading, the apps we’re using, the event we attended, people we met and things we learned. We’re rarely left wanting for something to talk about.
  • We like to eat. Exotic snacks seem to always be around and a topic of conversation. Some of our best conversations and ideas happen over lunch.
  • We leave the door open. We get a lot of guests: developers, artists, designers, writers, clients, researchers, teachers, and relatives.
  • We work with great people around the world. This means a bit of travel and a lot of Skype to the US, UK, Holland, China and Australia.

A few things we’re working on right now

  • The Japanese launch of a running app (web and iOS)
  • The redesign of a translation app (web and mobile)
  • Advising Tokyo start ups on user experience design
  • The next issue of the Tokyo Art Map
  • A few articles about UI, microcopy and translation

How to Apply

Send everything we need to know to We prefer URLs to PDFs.

Chris PalmieriAfter studying graphic design and Japanese language and aesthetics, Chris moved to Tokyo in 2001 to begin his design practice.
He co-founded AQ in 2004 to bring design basics to cultural organizations with bilingual websites. In his current role as managing director, Chris works with clients to clarify their ideas, oversees the creative process and designs.Read more posts by Chris Palmieri


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