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The Importance of Logos for New Businesses

Choices, choices, choices


We’re looking for an interface designer to join AQ.

Event Report: The New Context Conference 2011 Fall

AQ visits Open Network Lab for a UX Cram Session

Subject lines from Barack Obama’s email newsletter are written for forwarding.

Interview: Takram and the Muji Notebook app

Collaboration: Metallic Printing with Roland

Make Me Want To Visit Your Exhibitions!


AQ event report: Re-thinking Museums

Creating a “Comfortably Bilingual” Talk Event (Part One)

Launch! iPhone app “MuPon” is out.

Event wrapup: Adam Greenfield’s “Becoming Real”

Gap’s Barcode Member Drive: Connecting physical stores and online services

Event: Oct 29th – for anyone who’s ever tried to Make Something Happen

New Office: Ladder Shelves

In the magazine "Web Designing"

TAB Talks: Tweeting Art Setouchi

Art Beat iPhone apps


Meiji Redesigns, Replaces Legendary Wordmark

AQ Field Trip: Echigo Tsumari Art Triennial

"If you’ve worked on two records a year and they both suck, then you’ve blown a year"

Launched: New Website for The Plant

Tokyo Art Map featured in "Layouts for Catalogs and Pamphlets"

Greetings from Paris

Milestones and Google Analytics

Art Maps Around The World – Part 1: Tokyo

New Project Launch: ASICS UK

Happy New Year from AQ!


Design localization Google’s home page in Asia

Web Directions East

Setouchi International Art Festival

Summer Roundup

Design Graveyard: Pixeltype Edition

New Office

Party: Hitotoki Hitoban


Six Recipe Sites: Taste-tested

CBC-net Interview: Khoi Vinh

Kurikku – TAB 3rd Anniversary Flyer

Boris Yeltsin, Orphan Annie and the Port Authority

The Case for New Type

New Article on CBCnet

Facetime 6: Type Designer Nikola Djurek on Amalia

Facetime 5: Type Designers Kai Oetzbach and Natascha Dell on Jenny

Facetime 4: Type Designer Chester Jenkins on Galaxie Polaris

Hitotoki NYC

Facetime 3: Type Designer Jarno Lukkarila on Xtra Sans

Facetime 2: Type Designer Jeremy Tankard on Bliss

Facetime 1: Type Designer Eric Olson on Klavika

Pecha Kucha Nights: Guide to Better Presentations Skills

Goodbye Madame Butterfly

Introducing Hitotoki


Wayfinding in Tokyo: Local Context and Direction Map Design


Japanese Typography on the Web and Beyond: Part One

Japanese Typography on the Web and Beyond: Part Two


Project announcements, interviews and essays on design, typography, and the Japanese web.

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