May 16th, 2011

Collaboration: Metallic Printing with Roland

Report on our metallic printing experiments with Roland

Photo: window graphics at AQ office, designed by Eiko Nagase

Our new window treatment designed by Eiko

Ryan and Eiko reviewing the test prints

Ryan and Eiko reviewing the test prints

Most graphic designers will attest to the inevitable push and pull of constraints that come from working in paper and ink. Although there’s a special satisfaction that comes from doing a lot with a little, we all have a little reservoir of inspiration for those times we get to do a lot with a lot!

A few months ago, we indulged in this rare treat via a collaboration with Roland, to test out their highly expressive metallic inkjet printing technology. Eiko and Ryan designed posters, stickers and a window graphic, which now greets our guests at the office entrance.

View all the work, and read Roland’s interview with Ryan and Eiko

Ryan RuelRyan Ruel is a designer at AQ. After studying design and developing an interest in Japanese culture at the University of Illinois, he spent five years in Chicago designing for clients like NYSE and AIGA.Read more posts by Ryan Ruel


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