December 2nd, 2010

Launch! iPhone app “MuPon” is out.

Tokyo’s first discount app for museums, presented by Tokyo Art Beat, designed by AQ.

Tokyo Art Beat‘s second iPhone/iPod touch “MuPon” has been released!

Tokyo Art Beat is the largest art/design information website in Japan. It’s had a big 6th year, with the release of the TokyoArtBeat iPhone app in February, named the 2010′s best selling app in the Lifestyle category of the JP App Store, and now the release of MuPon.

Mupon offers exclusive discounts to the best museums in the Tokyo area. It is TAB’s latest attempt at getting more people to make seeing art an integral part of their daily life.

  • Details: TAB Official page
  • Download: App Store
  • Twitter:@mupon_en

  • The app’s idea was brought to AQ by TAB and we’ve worked with them to turn it into a real product. We’ve designed it for high resolution Retina Displays, it’s gorgeous, and we’ve also provided promotion support.
    We’ve worked on the app with TAB since June, and are extremely excited to see it in the wild.
    Hopefully, it will grow into a successful “membership” platform to bring museums and users closer

    Give the app a spin when you find a free afternoon to enjoy art!

    ミューぽんをデザインするAQのメンバーAQ designing MuPon

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