July 29th, 2010

In the magazine "Web Designing"

Chris was featured in the August issue of Web Designing, discussing typography for websites.

August Issue of Web Designing “Feature 2: Web Typography as Information Design”

With the introduction of CSS3′s @font-face, we’ve seen the development of favorable environments for using “Webfonts” where creators can display whichever fonts they want in the browser. Abroad there have been numerous Webfont services established, making it easier to integrate Webfonts. So it’s a question of ‘do we use only fonts we like’? With high quality web content being offered, the importance of “readability” can be thought about as “Information Design”, not just the simple selection of typography. In this feature we develop four sections combining the state of Web Typography with theories and examples from sites as well as methods for incorporating Webfonts.

Chris, Ian Lynam and Craig Mod got together to explore typography for screen media.

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