January 20th, 2009

New Project Launch: ASICS UK

A new website for Japanese sportswear maker, that’s as lightweight, sturdy and hi-tech as their shoes.

Since last fall, we’ve been busy cooking up a redesign of the ASICS website for Europe, and last Friday, we finally launched in the UK:


Thanks to a clear brief and open mind from ASICS, and strong strategic insight on how to engage runners on the web from Analog Folk, this site was a dream for us to design.

A few quick highlights:

  • Sparse, grid-based design lets the products shine and encourages consistently-designed extensions.
  • CSS-driven typography easily accommodates other languages
  • A zippy, one-screen shoe advisor
  • Speedy, easy to use Merb based CMS by The Plant
  • We have more countries, content and features on the way in the coming months, and will do a full write-up soon, but for now, a big thanks and o-tsukare to Raphaël, Mairéad and Holger at ASICS, Ryan in Chicago, and Craig and Wada-san here in Tokyo!

    Chris PalmieriAfter studying graphic design and Japanese language and aesthetics, Chris moved to Tokyo in 2001 to begin his design practice.
    He co-founded AQ in 2004 to bring design basics to cultural organizations with bilingual websites. In his current role as managing director, Chris works with clients to clarify their ideas, oversees the creative process and designs.Read more posts by Chris Palmieri


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