September 29th, 2007

Kurikku – TAB 3rd Anniversary Flyer

Join us at TAB’s 3rd Anniversary in a few weeks for music, live VJ sets and roasted chestnuts!

If you follow Tokyo’s art scene and you’re RSS-reader is working properly, you probably already know about TAB’s upcoming party “Kurikku” at Super Deluxe. We’re looking forward to the big event just like you, but for the last few week’s it’s been all about the flyer.

After a few false-starts with off-season themes, we stepped on a Kurikku (A pun on the Japanese for chestnut (Kuri) and the word “click”). Eiko went out and bought a handful of them, spikes and all, and many pricked pinky fingers and mouse-kurikkus later, we were finished.

Look out for the flyers around town, and see you on the big night!

p.s. Kuri eating tip: To avoid getting the spikes stuck in your fingers, peel back the shell with the soles of your sneakers.

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