July 1st, 2007

Goodbye Madame Butterfly

“Intimate portraits, revealing the struggles & complexities of modern Japanese women” from Chin Music Press

Our officemates and Hitotoki partners Chin Music Press have just released their newest book, Goodbye Madame Butterfly, a collection of “intimate portraits, revealing the struggles and complexities of modern Japanese women”.

Sitting next to Craig from CMP all day, we see the love and attention poured into each Chin Music Press book, and this one is no different. Beyond the writing and editing, they design for how the book is read: the experience of cracking it open for the first time, how it fits in your hand, and where you take it.

If you haven’t read a Chin Music release, August is a good time to start. Just in time for O-bon vacation, you can get both Goodbye Madame Butterfly and Kuhaku (their collection of essays and short fiction on Japan) in their hardbound glory, for only twenty bucks. Sweet.

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